DIY Body Sugaring Workshop

For the people who want to keep track of their unwanted hairs in between treatments, or just want to maintain their own, there is now the DIY Body Sugaring Workshop. It is a practice-oriented workshop where you first learn to deal with the sugar paste because this is already an art in itself. If you have mastered the technique a bit, you can get started with the pasta. With the technique, you can treat any body part (which you can access yourself), but the focus will be on the body part of your choice. To ensure the necessary attention this is a one-on-one workshop because it’s about your skin, hair, and flexibility of your body. The workshop will be held at the home practice in Nieuw West.


This is an intensive no-nonsense workshop and that means that no lengthy theory is given, or time is unnecessarily stretched. You learn what you really come for. Depending on the body part that you want to keep track of, the duration will take between 60 minutes and four hours. The workshop has an hourly rate and after that, you pay per 15 minutes. After the workshop, you take (a little) experience, a bag of sugar paste (incl. strip cloth) and a jar of after-cream home.