Treatment cycle

Each single body hair has its own growth cycle, this makes it impossible to enjoy a 100% hair free body for a very long period of time with traditional hair removal. However, it is possible to obtain a hair free skin temporarily, but how long depends on the factors described below.


The three phases of the growth cycle:

• Anagen phase – phase in which the hair grows and comes to the surface for the first time. This takes about two to three weeks.

• Catagen phase – the growth rate of the hair decreases and prepares for failure.

• Telogen phase – this is the period the hair is at rest, does not develop and is not visible above the skin.


The first 12 to 24 months of regular sugaring treatments are necessary to make sure all unwanted hair can be treated during the growth cycle of 1-2 years. One may notice temporarily increased hair growth after the first few sugaring treatments, this is because each hair has its own growth cycle. The growth cycle of two adjacent follicles do not match, so during a treatment one hair can be in the anagen phase while the other is in the telogen phase. After the treatment, it may appear the hairs grow faster, while the natural growth process just continues.


Hair growth can also be influenced by hormones, pregnancy, age, use of medication, stress, and by the change of climate etc. These factors can affect the lasting impact of treatment and may cause hair growth to return more rapidly after some time.


To achieve the desired result (as much as possible hair-free skin), there will be treatments every four to six weeks and repeated twelve to eighteen times. The result is also determined by the objective of each individual.


A visible reduction in hair growth will usually occur after 3 to 5 treatments depending on the history and genetic predisposition of the client. The result for these reasons may be different for each person.