What is Body Sugaring?

Body Sugaring is the modernization of a method of hair removal that has been practiced for centuries by Middle Eastern women. The product and method of application have been refined to ensure superior end results. Body Sugaring is a gentle, safe way to remove parts of body hair with sugaring paste, and is less painful than waxing. Sugar makes the skin softer and therefore there is no damage or allergic reactions to the skin.


Body Sugaring can be applied much earlier than waxing even to hair at 1.6 mm. Due to the special treatment, the hair on the treated skin will be removed completely and eventually will reduce hair growth. Ingrown hairs belong to the past and the skin feels smooth and silky soft.


People with psoriasis and diabetes can also be treated!

The difference between traditional waxing and Body Sugaring, is that;

• sugaring paste is a 100% natural product
• wax adheres to the hair and the skin.
• sugaring paste adheres only to the hair so there are less discomfort and no damage to your skin.
• wax is applied hot (in precoated strips) to the skin.
• sugaring paste is used at body temperature.
• wax often contains chemicals, which can be a little hard on the skin if used repeatedly. Sugaring paste is completely natural and gentle on the skin.
• wax can be messy to clean up due to the petroleum base.
• sugaring paste is easily cleaned up with water.
• working with sugaring paste is more hygienic